Zeolite & Children

One question I am asked quite often is, “Can I give zeolite to my child?”

The answer is YES. There are no adverse effects to zeolite, except some mild constipation on rare occasion. The dosing for a child should be less than that of an adult, mainly because of the constipation that could occur with larger doses.

Child dosing for Zeolite Powder:

10-50 lbs= 1/8 to 1/4 of a tablespoon

50-100 lbs= 1/2 a tablespoon


Maintenance= 1 dose/day

Detox= 2 doses/day

Acute Health Issue=3 doses/day

Why Give Zeolite to a Child?

Before a baby is born, he is already exposed to over 200 toxins. This exposure and exposure throughout childhood to poisonous elements, especially heavy metals, affect children just as much as, if not more so, than adults. In fact, their exposure to toxins is more detrimental to their health and development, and could have severe impacts on their brain development/function overtime.

Parents should consider detoxing their children from a very young age, especially if they are receiving immunization shots or have been diagnosed with autism.

For immunization shots, the child should be given the zeolite “detox dose” for at least 90 days. For autism, the child should be given the “acute health issue dose” until improvements are noticeable.

Zetox and Children

I don’t normally advocated using a liquid zeolite because 1. the zeolite is not actually liquefied, but just powdered zeolite in a liquid, and 2. the amount of powdered zeolite in liquid products is often quite miniscule. I do, however, suggest Zetox for children. Zetox has the most zeolite per dose for any liquid, and is an appropriate amount for children. It also has a sweet, fruity flavor that makes it enjoyable for children to take daily. You can purchase Zetox through Regal Supplements.


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