Liquid vs. Powder Zeolite

Liquid zeolite versus powdered zeolite is a controversy that has been raging in the supplement community for many years. This debate began when companies making liquid zeolite claimed that it could be faster absorbed and more effect than powdered zeolite, and that the liquid could pass the blood-brain barrier, and powdered zeolite could not. This was nothing more than a marketing ploy by these companies to make their product seem like it had special powers over zeolite powder.

The truth is that “liquid zeolite” is NOT liquefied zeolite. Zeolite is a natural mineral (rock) that has been micronized or milled into a powder, and CANNOT be made into a liquid. It does not dissolve in water as sugar or salt does. It suspends in liquids, and will eventually settle to the bottom of the bottle or glass. “Liquid” zeolite is merely scant traces of zeolite powder added to water.

When powdered zeolite is added to water, it makes the water cloudy and thick looking. My rule of thumb for the liquid zeolite is if the supplement is clear, then it doesn’t have any significant amount of zeolite in it to detox and improve your health. The best way to avoid being sold overpriced water, with miniscule amounts of zeolite, is to always use a powdered or capsule zeolite product.

There was a recent clinical study that was done on humans by Dr. Emmanouil Karampathtsis comparing various zeolite products- one a powdered product and the other two liquid zeolites. The study concluded that the liquid brands did not detox as much as the powdered product. The rate of detoxing was further attributed to the amount of zeolite per dose and the purity of the zeolite. Please click here to read this study.

You must always take precautions when taking a zeolite, in terms of the amount of zeolite you are being sold per dose, in addition to the quality and purity of the zeolite. Remember, zeolite supplementation is a business, and there are numerous unscrupulous companies out there that just want to make as much money as possible on their products—including selling people a bottle of water with trace amounts of zeolite in it.

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  1. Could you please let me know how much liquid zeolite8 to take per day as it is not written on the box or bottle. It has a cloudy appearance so im hoping its not just distilled water with traces of zeolite as I read your article after purchasing today

    Rhonda M nsw

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