Zeolite & Autism

Recently, it has been discovered that one of the causes of autism may in fact be heavy metals that have built up in the body and are suffocating the brain. Causes for this heavy metal toxicity have been linked to two sources: 1. Latent toxins that were in the mother and transferred to the child in utero, and 2. Exposure to toxins after the child was born, most likely from immunization shots, which have been documented by the CDC and FDA as being the one of the sources for the development of autism. At such a young age, the brain is still developing at an extraordinary rate and heavy metal toxicity can have irreparable damage on this organ, causing autism to develop at young ages.

There are two things that can be done to avoid autism. One, is for women and men planning on having a child to start an immediate detox program. I recommend detoxing with zeolite, since this mineral works to pull out heavy metals specifically. Since we are all exposed to toxins from our environment, and the food and water we consume, we all have built up toxicity in us. The body doesn’t know what to do with these useless elements, and ends up storing them. Overtime, our bodies become extremely toxic and dysfunctional. Reducing the amount of heavy metals inside us before conceiving a child and then during pregnancy is a huge step towards limiting the chances that a child will develop autism. Secondly, children should be given zeolite before and after any immunization shots. This will help to pull out any metals that that they have been exposed to in the environment and any toxic metals responsible for autism in any immunization shots they receive.

Children with Autism

For children who are already suffering with autism, I also suggest an immediate detox regime using zeolite. In my experience, the symptoms of autism have been significantly lessened after the children have been given zeolite.

Here is a testimonial from a mother with autistic child that has been using zeolite:

When my youngest son was almost three he was diagnosed with Autism. This condition was caused by high levels of mercury that are in vaccines. He also has been tested and found to have high levels of other toxic metals in his body, such as: lead and aluminum. His body is not processing and getting rid of these metals. We have tried him on diet modifications with limited results. We need to detox his poor little body so he can reach his full potential. We have been using a bottle of this product (Zetox) that we were given and we have seen improvement. He was completely NON VERBAL and since we’ve been using this, his vocabulary has been growing every day!!!! I KNOW this product works! –


For any children, I suggest taking Zetox. Though I do not always advocate taking a liquid zeolite, this product has the most zeolite per dose for any liquid, contains the purest zeolite found in any supplement,  has the appropriate dosing for a child, and a sweet fruity flavor that children find appealing. It should be given to them at least twice a day for as long as needed.

The products I recommend are from ZEO Health Ltd. 


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  1. I have a 7yr old grandson with autism. Found this an interesting reading. I also have a horse with cancer. And would this help with sun cancers?

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Try giving your grandson Zetox. It is a “liquid” zeolite, which I don’t usually advocate, but since he is only seven, the amount of zeolite in this product will be sufficient. He should take it once in the morning and once in the evening. I have seen many great results with this product and autistic children. It has a sweet flavor, so people find it easy to administer to children since they enjoy taking it.

      Concerning your question about “sun cancers,” I assume you mean skin cancers? Many patients have seen great results with zeolite and skin cancers. Zeolite heals from the inside out, so even though it’s on the skin,zeolite will still remove any acidic toxins and keep the body alkaline so cancer cannot grow, no matter where it is. People also create a paste with some zeolite powder and water, and then apply this to the skin. I do not know how much it helps heal cancer when used in this fashion, but many have claimed to experience quick results. I highly suggested that it at least be used orally.

      For a horse, you will need to give him at least a half cup of zeolite powder three times a day for as long as the cancer exists.

      Hope this info helps!

      Take care,


  2. Hi wondering if you could offer some advice? Firstly I am currently taking Colloidal Silver, will taking Zeolites affect this? Also my 12 week old daughter is really suffering with reflux, severe alleries includind dairy and also bowel problems where the intestines are infammed and bleeding…….I myself have Crohns Disease. Can She take the Zetox safely? I am just about to start powdered Zeolite……she is not currently breast feeding as I have taken all dairy out of my diet and am giving my body a few days to clear before breast feeding again…… If I am on zeolite will she get through my breastmilk?

    Many thanks for your help, I look fgorward to hearing from you

    1. Hi Kerry,

      The process of changing silver into colloidal silver changes the charge of silver, so it is okay to take with zeolite.

      As for your daughter, you can give low amounts of zeolite to a child of her age. It may help her situation. However, based on the severity of her situation, it is best to have her under constant medical care so her situation can be treated and monitored.

      Zeolite does not come out in breast milk.

      Take care, and I hope your daughter’s health greatly improves as soon as possible.


  3. I recently ordered liquid zeolite for myself in the hopes that it will get rid of my skin cancer and my HSV. I also have a small cat (~7lb) that has gastrointestinal lymphoma. If I were to give her zeolite as well, what kinda dosage and how often? Thanks!

    1. Hi Brandy,

      Which brand of liquid zeolite did you order? The only one I recommend is Zetox because it has the most zeolite per dose for any liquid zeolite; however, for your health issues, I would not have recommended the Zetox. It is more for maintaining a detox. It is important for you to have much zeolite as possible per dose, so it will detox you as much as possible and keep your pH balanced. The amount of zeolite in almost all liquids is miniscule and will not do the job. You will need to take Zeolite Pure at least three times a day until your health issues have drastically improved. Zeolite is safe to take at this level for an extended period of time- years if needed. After your health has improved, you can lower the dosing to twice a day.

      For your cat, give her 1/4 a teaspoon of Zeolite Pure three times a day. Mix it in wet food; they don’t even notice it! Again, give it to her until her lymphoma is completely gone.

      Take care,


  4. Hi,
    My kid ,Mo,19 years old,was diagnosed with autism at three years old .He is nonverbal.
    His behavour doctor said there is no cure but control .I want to try zeolite. What do advice and recommend?

    1. Hi Farouk,

      I suggest giving him Zetox, twice a day. Please give him this continuously and hopefully you will see improvements in the near future.

      Take care,


  5. What zeolite do you recommend for a breast feeding mom? And is the zetox safe for my 5 month old? What dose? Also, what are the “natural flavors” that are in the Zetox? We have some allergies in our household. Thank you.

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Zeolite does not come out in the breast milk. You can take it 1-2 times a day for a maintenance/detox dose of the Zeolite Pure. If you are using Zetox, take 1 dropper full twice a day. For your baby, wait until he is over a year old and give him a quarter of a dropper of Zetox once a day. I believe the natural flavors are derived from berry and it has a coconut based preservative. Please call the company to check on this.

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